Doors open 30 minutes before curtain!

Ah, Shakespeare in the...  Old West?!  The lovely Sunny Day arrives in the small mining town of Gravel Gulch with a troupe of actors determined to bring culture to the locals.  Unfortunately, the troupe of actors, headed by the conceited and shady Noble Hart, is enough to make a playwright cry.  Sunny Day falls for Texas Ranger Johnny Lasso, who’s hot on the trail of a notorious crook masquerading under the name of Gentleman Dan, whose true identity is unknown.  It’s almost as if he was a master of disguise, like...  an actor, perhaps?  Maybe the show isn’t all that Noble Heart and his cohort, the Duchess, are trying to steal!  The troupe’s arrival thrills the townspeople, except Abagail Pettigrew, the richest person in town.   With more would-be outlaws, some stranded performing artists training to be window mannequins and a surprise ending, you'll  be cheering, booing and holding your sides with laughter in this wild theatrical bonanza!

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102 Berrigan

Republican City, Nebraska